Cycling in victoria, BC in 2017.

Cycling in victoria, BC in 2017.

Meet the peeps!

We're the Salonen family - Russ, Jaime, Reese and Claire.  Before we began travelling full time, we spent ten years living in Northern Alberta, Canada.  Russ was an electrician and Jaime was a dental hygienist.  We lived in a house, earned a good income, paid our bills, and took our annual vacation.  We thought life was pretty good -- comfortable, right?  But we always had a feeling, somewhere back there, that we didn't have to do what everyone else was doing.  

Our life began to shift in 2010 when Jaime went back to work after a maternity leave and Russ became the full-time parent.  We began designing our lifestyle to be less rushed and less stressed.  We made our health and wellness a priority.   We set our intentions for our personal time and our family time.  And we realized we didn't fit into the box that most people are living in.  Over the next few years, we took steps to simplify our life further and create portable income so we could escape the rat race and live life on our terms.

We're stoked you're here reading our blog and learning about our lifestyle.  We probably have a lot in common already -- give a little nod if you like to:

  • Have fun?
  • Explore your community, region, country, or the world?
  • Meet new friends?
  • Try everything at least once?
  • Eat well?
  • Get outside hiking, biking, swimming, running, or geocaching?
  • Read and grow yourself?
  • Show your kids that they have choices and how to recognize self-limitations?
  • Feel like you're making a difference in the world?
  • View life as a journey of becoming the best version of yourself?

We'd love to connect with you!  We believe that meeting with, collaborating with, and learning from like-minded people is essential for progress.  You can find us on the social media channels below or you can connect with us directly.