You're Doing What?

Slow travelling and living -- full time.  After several multi-month trips over the last few years, in June 2016 we ditched the traditional 9 to 5 for full time family travel.  We spent the Canadian summer camping around beautiful BC and Alberta with our truck and travel trailer.  Then we put those in storage and flew to Sydney in November of that year, where we worldschooled and experienced life in eastern Australia and Indonesia.  We returned to Canada in April 2017 and camped and housesat in Alberta and Vancouver Island.  Then it was off to Mexico in November 2017 to spend the winter backpacking and immersing ourselves in a new language with new experiences!  Update: we'll be housesitting in southern Ontario for the summer of 2018!  If you're in that part of the world, let's connect!

Why Are You Doing That?

Well -- because life is too short not to. And because we have the means to do it.  Our vision is to make a positive impact on people's health and lifestyle choices, and at the same time, live a life that fulfills us and shows our children what's possible.  Our belief is that we learn best by doing and experiencing, not by sitting in a classroom.  Life skills like communication and building relationships can be learned anywhere, perhaps even more so during world travel.  



How Are You Doing That?

Like many people, we grew up with the mantra of "get good grades, work hard, finish school and get a good job."  And we did that for a while.  But there were too many limitations -- it was too constricting, too mundane. We wondered if there was another way.  Then a few years ago we began educating ourselves about passive and residual incomes.  We got in touch with people who were successful in those businesses and started doing what they were doing.  Our mindset shifted from "hmm, maybe we could do that" to "why wouldn't we do that?"  It's possible for everyone to receive income while travelling, including you!